Under the scheme all students of the college are divided into a number of batches and each batch is placed under the guidance of a Tutor. Every student, on being admitted to the college, will be assigned to the care of one teacher whom they can consult on all matters where advice is required, whether in his studies or in the ordinary affairs of life. Each student is expected to meet Tutor-in-charge at least once in a fortnight or at such time as may be fixed by the Tutor. Tutorial meetings are conducted monthly by each tutor for giving the students proper guidance on points of academic and general interests. No student should be absent from these meetings without permission. Conduct certificates are issued by the Principal on the recommendations of the tutor Concerned.


The Centre takes care of the needs and problems of differently-abled students admitted in various programmes. The centre also provides guidance and counseling. It provides good learning equipments and study materials too. The Centre also ensures that in terms of access and infrastructure, the institution complies with statutory requirements. It also collaborates with organizations and NGOs outside to conduct meets of public awareness and empathy building for the physically challenged members of the society. The various events organized under its aegis help the student community to embrace an inclusive society which treats all equal.


Every student has to undergo medical inspection once in a year. Students who are not medically fit are advised for further treatment. The service of a doctor is made available for the purpose in the campus.


To encourage young talent and accord recognition of the students in research, the SPQC has also instituted the ‘UG Project Excellence Awards’ for the best projects undertaken by the Students. The award is sponsored by PTA. Selection of the best project will be based on internal and external valuation. The Projects will be reworked in the form of essays or articles to be published in a book with ISBN Number.

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