About the Centre

The Centre for Competitive Exam at Al Shifa College of Arts and Science (CCE-ACAS) is set up with the aim of preparing the job-seekers for various competitive examinations in the government sector. The Centre provides academic sessions and other necessary facilities for students as well as the public, preparing for State and Central Govt examinations and for getting various jobs in the government sector. The key objective of the Centre is to facilitate adequate platforms for early interventions in the form of academic support and make available
enriched resources for clearing the different levels of examinations conducted by PSC, SSC and various public undertakings. CCE has formulated its plan in such a way that, interested people can join the courses based on their levels and capacity. It focuses on various levels from 10 th to degree level examinations. The Center will provide the resources for both preliminary and main exams such as 10 th level prelims & main exams, degree level prelims & main exam.

Why CCE?

In the present scenario obtaining a degree, certificate is not enough to survive in the competitive job market. Since the academic degrees prepare them for a more holistic, general kind of a future-needs context, it will not make them capable of cracking the entry requirements of a State or Central Government career test. CCE aims to provide awareness and guidance to achieve suitable jobs for aspirants. The Centre will provide required customized coaching for various competitive exams.


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