Al Shifa College of Arts and Science is organizing an International Student Seminar (ALISS ’23) in multiple disciplines (Commerce, Economics, Psychology, and English) in blended mode on 26 & 27 September 2023. The theme of the Seminar will be centred around ” AI- Driven Commerce, Rural Development, Post-COVID Behavioural Science, and Literature & Social Justice “.

The ALISS is an event with the Speakers, Paper Presenters and Chairs belonging to thestudent segment of the academia. There is certainly an excellent group of undergraduates and postgraduates who are not just on the lookout for opportunity to be at the organizing end of such events. They are also capable of being resourceful in multiple ways.

ACAS launched the Al Shifa International Student Seminar (ALISS) in 2022, following upon the success of its National Student Seminar in 2021, with a mission to offer quality learning experience to the organising community of students and exposure to research at an early stage to the presenters and participants in the Seminar.

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