The student intake at the College is of mixed ability and levels of performance. Occasionally it is the shift from the school environs to the College which worries and upsets them. Hence the centre conducts remedial sessions for students who need additional support. Outside class hours are used for these sessions and it guarantees excellent results. The Centre works under a faculty coordinator.

RCC aims to support students who require additional assistance in studies. Students who enter the Higher Education streams with weak academic foundation are provided the required scaffolding in various ways. While generally the effort is to make them believe in themselves and to lend them confidence to approach their specialisations positively, subjects specific foundation sessions, study skills training etc. too are part of their course work.

Students for the scheme is selected on the basis of analysis lf their higher secondary results.These students are provided with personalised additional attention through remedial classes, additional lectures, question banks, study materials and interactive classes. Experts faculty for providing such support is sought both from within and without the institution. After and before college sessions are held so that their regular classes are not affected.


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