The Invited Student Talk Series (ISTS) initiated by the Department of English and Nature Club at Al Shifa College of Arts and Science, was launched as a part of observance of World Environment Day, on 5 June 2021. It functions as a forum for students from diverse colleges to give talks about books or movies pertaining to contemporary subjects. The primary goal of the series was to promote pro- environment and pro-sustainability perspectives among students.

During the talk series, undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students from reputable institutions such as NIT Trichy, Brennen College, Dharmadam, Farook College, Providence College for Women in Coonoor, Vimala College
(Autonomous) in Thrissur, and St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) in Kolkata delivered presentations on topics related to environmental issues. These presentations explored how environmental concerns are portrayed in a variety of internationally acclaimed books and movies.

In 2022, the ISTS continued its mission with a focus on different academic departments. The Departments of Commerce, Economics and Psychology took over the organization of the talk series. This expansion allowed for a broader exploration of topics from varied areas, including economic, psychological and commercial aspects.

Building upon the success of previous years, the ISTS evolved in the subsequent year to include the Scholar Talk Series. This development indicates that the initiative continued to grow and diversify, extending its reach to encompass discussions and presentations from scholars in various fields. The Scholar Talk Series features talks by experts and researchers who provide in-depth insights into their respective areas of expertise and explore the multidisciplinary impacts of their work.

In entirety, the Invited Student Talk Series at Al Shifa College of Arts and Science has transformed into a noteworthy platform for heightening awareness and cultivating sustainable perspectives among students and scholars alike. The series not only spotlights the crossroads of literature, cinema and a spectrum of topics from all disciplines but also fosters impactful conversations and initiatives to tackle these challenges.

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