SCHOLAR MENTOR PROGRAMME (SMP) is an initiative of the college to scaffold high achievers among the students and thus to prepare them to realize their potential. The scheme proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programs for students in the undergraduate programs to provide guidance for their future through interactions with reputed scholars, visits to centres of learning and high level exposure to the best in scholarship in their areas of interest.

SMP is proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programs for students in Under Graduate Programs to provide guidance for their future. The scheme introduces to ensure necessary orientation to prepare them for employment or guidance necessary to select areas for higher study and motivate them achieve their goals.

For the purpose of mentoring two types of facilities are arranged, i.e., internal and external expert mentoring sessions. Internal mentoring is done by internal faculty from the college, they are person who are able to do endless monitoring and supporting the scholars and act as guide in building their career. By using systematic strategy they develop the scholar lessons and sessions to enhance the skills and experiences of scholar. And external mentoring are done by reputed persons outside the college and from various profession. Their experience and expertise will help the students to identify the better opportunity ahead. Through SMP students can access the expert persons and explore the spaces of excellence in different mode of studies and interaction with them.


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