Set against a serene, rural backdrop, Al Shifa College of Arts and Science aspires to rewrite the teaching learning practices at the Undergraduate and Graduate and Research levels and establish a line of programmes aimed at tackling the intellectual demands and career needs of the emerging world. Al Shifa College of Arts & Science will introduce game changing programmes which will be genuinely contemporary and internationally sought after.

The word ‘Education’ etymologically means ‘to draw out’. The differences between the campuses often lie not only in what they offer but how it delivers what is offered and how the students’ learning experiences are constructed. This is where the ACAS Experience will stand out. Al Shifa means to sculpt minds which are capable of choosing Their futures through autonomously thinking their thoughts. Our content delivery, interaction and engagement with the students will be towards building a relationship that empowers the young to know one self and to know the world. Our effort to upskill them and to be career ready and life ready, will certainly complement it. Al Shifa College of Arts and Science will involve, engage and empower the young as they are the Future- for the homes and the world!


Al Shifa College of Arts & Science will evolve into a Nationally reputed centre of Learning, Creating an inclusive, innovative and sustainable environment of quality teaching and cutting edge research, contributing to a world tolerant to diversity, open to informed alternatives, capable of navigating the complexities of rapid social transformations and shifting career challenges.


  • Develop and deliver the best in knowledge and skills through quality teaching and learning strategies
  • Build an atmosphere that promotes exploration and innovation, through a transformative curriculum
  • Instill humane values of tolerance and brotherhood, empathy and respect for others, integrity and social responsibility.
  • Expose to the current and emerging trends and challenges to the existing scholarship, to construct a capacity for critical thinking
  • Cultivate an environment rooted in creative inquiry and self-discovery
  • Foster secular spirit and capacity for leadership to communities and the World


Core Values

  • Empathy

    ACAS sets store by Empathy. Empathy is the driver of humanism. The feel for the other and capacity to perspectivise oneself through the words and deeds of a fellow being leads people to expansive minds and accommodative attitudes.
  • Social Responsibility

    ACAS roots for Social belongingness. Future lives in being connected and staying collective. In a world which is lured into isolation by the digital tools, it is the need of the hour to ground the young in responsibility to the society around.
  • Respect for Environment

    ACAS invests faith in environment. We promote practices for a sustainable future. Green etiquettes are written into our regular processes and procedures and the stakeholders model a life that will inspire the students to live in close harmony with Earth.
  • Secular Spirit

    ACAS envisions a world of togetherness. We instill a spirit of secularism among our students. Divisions are part of human existence, be it caused by race, caste, colour, religion, economy or power. But being incapable of impassionate decisions and inability to act disregarding categorizations of the kind mentioned, will force humanity to pay a bigger price.
  • Self-belief

    ACAS drives self-belief. We acknowledge the diversity among our learners and faculty, and groom them to accept differences and to believe in who they are. Knowing oneself and knowing others, and being capable of self-belief, our learners grow into authentic selves, capable of building on who they are, towards a more capable, self-willed and confident citizens.


Quality Policy

Al Shifa College of Arts & Science will continually improve the quality of instruction, responsive research, sustainable extension and facilities and processes of academic and administrative kind, meeting the stakeholder needs and expectations and adhering to regulatory benchmarks and statutory standards.

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