Publication Wing

Publication is critical in measuring career growth and professional advancement in the life of academician. At Al Shifa College of Arts and Science, a Publication Wing is constituted to bring in and build up the academic and creative writing skills of faculty and students. Research and Publication can often push each other. A good piece of research needs to be communicated to the world outside, especially to the gate keepers of the domain. At the same time the sheer delight of communicating the findings can prompt many to explore at times. Getting articles accepted and published in a book with ISBN or a journal of repute requires exposure and expertise of a special kind and the Wing organizes workshops and training sessions to help the aspirants to accomplish the same. The Wing meets the need through publishing Books with quality articles, certified on quality by peer reviewers on relevant discourse of the time and Journals, inviting the creative young minds to paint their thoughts to action

The College has established a Publication Wing to streamline the activities related to publication in various forms at the college. The Wing will not only encourage and assist the publication-related efforts of the faculty members and the students, it will also liaise with bodies with similar intent in other institutions of Higher Education so that collaborative efforts may be brought to being. Just as research is of utmost significance in Higher Education, so is publication of the same. The mastery a scholar develops in a domain after exploring a research question, will be crucial for her in finding her future career pathways. The publication of the same will not just contribute to the world of knowledge, but can also help create a new realm of exploration.

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