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Department of Commerce

One of the founding departments of the College, the Dept. of Commerce has as its goal of contributing to the Nation a band of youth who will be informed in their subject, exposed to the multiple fields within Commerce and Management, and capable of relating themselves to varied perspectives and knowledge around. The Department offers two Undergraduate programmes, Bachelor of Commerce, with Taxation and Finance as specializations. Under the Department, the students are rigorously coached simultaneously to excel in attitude and aptitude wise. While focusing strongly on academics, the students are motivated to involve in co- curricular and extension activities. The quality of the Degree programme we deliver is strengthened by the additional certificate and diploma programmes listed for interested takers. All these are conceived by taking into account the career prospects emerging in the subject and the skills and accessory qualifications required for the Degree holders to be qualified for the careers to come.



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Add On Programmes/ Value Added Programme

Semester 1 

Ethics of Professional Communication

The Ethics of Professional Communication is a course designed to introduce commerce students to the ethical considerations involved in professional communication. The course typically covers topics such as honesty, transparency, confidentiality, and responsibility in the context of communication within business and professional settings.

The course may explore various ethical frameworks and theories, as well as practical applications of ethical principles in different types of professional communication, such as written, verbal, and digital. Students may also learn about the impact of cultural differences on communication ethics, as well as strategies for resolving ethical dilemmas in communication.

Semester 2 

Gender and Sexuality: Diversity in the Workplace

Gender and Sexuality: Diversity in the Workplace is an add-on program that focuses on understanding and addressing issues related to gender and sexuality in the workplace. This program is designed to provide commerce students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complex and diverse workplace environment.

The program typically covers a range of topics related to gender and sexuality, such as gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, and discrimination. Students may also learn about legal frameworks related to gender and sexuality in the workplace, as well as best practices for promoting diversity and inclusion.

The program aims to create awareness and sensitivity towards the issues faced by individuals with diverse gender and sexuality and to develop the ability to identify and address discriminatory practices in the workplace. Students will be equipped with communication and leadership skills necessary to foster an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing (B. Com CA) 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing is an add-on program that focuses on teaching students about the use of digital platforms and social media for marketing purposes. The program is designed to provide commerce students with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage digital channels to reach and engage with customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales.

The program typically covers a range of topics related to digital and social media marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. Students may also learn about web analytics and tracking, customer segmentation, and marketing automation.

Income Tax Practitioner (B. Com Taxation) 

An Income Tax Practitioner (ITP) is a professional who specializes in providing tax-related services to individuals and businesses. An ITP may assist clients in preparing and filing tax returns, managing tax audits, resolving disputes with tax authorities, and providing tax planning advice.

An add-on program in Income Tax Practice is designed to provide commerce students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful Income Tax Practitioners. The program typically covers a range of topics related to income tax law, including tax planning strategies, tax return preparation and filing, tax compliance, and tax dispute resolution.

Students may also learn about different types of taxes such as income tax, capital gains tax, and corporate tax, and gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing taxation in their jurisdiction. The program may also provide hands-on experience through simulated tax return preparation and filing, and real- world case studies.

Investment Management and Digital Trading (B. Com Finance)

Investment Management and Digital Trading is an add-on program that focuses on teaching students about the principles of investment management and how to trade securities on digital platforms. The program is designed to provide commerce students with a deep understanding of the concepts and strategies involved in investing and trading, as well as the practical skills necessary to succeed in the digital age.

The program typically covers a range of topics related to investment management and digital trading, such as portfolio management, risk management, asset allocation, fundamental and technical analysis, and trading platforms and tools. Students may also learn about financial regulation, ethics and compliance, and market trends and developments.

The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed investment decisions, manage portfolios effectively, and trade securities on digital platforms with confidence. Students will learn to analyze market data, interpret financial statements, and identify investment opportunities based on risk and return profiles.

Semester 4

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics (B. Com CA) 

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics is an add-on program that focuses on teaching students about the principles and practices of cybersecurity and digital forensics. The program is designed to provide commerce students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, prevent, and investigate cyber-attacks and digital crimes.

The program typically covers a range of topics related to cyber security and digital forensics, such as network security, cryptography, ethical hacking, malware analysis, cybercrime investigation, and digital evidence handling. Students may also learn about legal and regulatory frameworks related to cyber security and digital forensics, as well as best practices for incident response and data protection.

Principles of Sustainable Finance (B. Com Finance)

Finance is widely seen as an obstacle to a better world. Principles of Sustainable Finance explains how the financial sector can be mobilized to counter this. Using finance as a means to achieve social goals we can divert the planet and its economy from its current path to a world that is sustainable for all.

Throughout this course, you will learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, how social and environmental factors should not be regarded as externalities, you will learn more about sustainable banking and asset management, effective engagement, sustainable scenario analysis and long-term value creation.

At the end of this course, you will understand how sustainable finance can be used as a tool to steer the sustainability transition.

Online Tax Return filing (B. Com Taxation)

Online Tax Return Filing is an add-on program that teaches students the principles and practices of filing tax returns online. The program is designed to provide commerce students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the online tax filing process, including the legal requirements, technical aspects, and best practices involved.

The program typically covers a range of topics related to online tax return filing, such as tax compliance, tax planning, tax laws and regulations, digital tools and software, and electronic payment systems. Students may also learn about tax administration and enforcement, tax audits, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Semester 5

Logistics Management

Logistics Management is an add-on program that focuses on teaching students about the principles and practices of logistics management. The program is designed to provide commerce students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient and effective flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

The program typically covers a range of topics related to logistics management, such as supply chain management, inventory management, transportation and distribution management, warehousing and material handling, and logistics performance measurement. Students may also learn about logistics network design, cost analysis, and risk management.

Outreach/ Extension

The Consumer Club is a dedicated initiative aimed at creating awareness among students regarding consumer rights and privileges. Our primary objective is to educate students about their fundamental rights as consumers and to make them aware of their essential responsibilities as citizens. Through a range of programs and activities, we strive to build a base of enlightened citizen customers, who will become the foundation of future India.


To educate students about their consumer rights and make them aware of their responsibilities as citizens. We aim to provide our college students with comprehensive information and skills related to consumer rights, consumer
protection laws, product standards, quality, and market information.


To spread awareness of consumer rights among all consumer segments, especially college students. We aim to reach out to the wider community by imparting knowledge and training on consumer awareness, and empowering our students to educate and enlighten others.

Our objectives include:

  • Educating students about consumer rights: We aim to familiarize students with the rights defined by the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, ensuring they understand their entitlements as consumers.
  • Mobilizing youth for consumer rights protection: We strive to develop a spirit of consumer rights protection among young individuals, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment.
  • Strengthening consumerism: We aim to convey the significance of consumer participation in protecting their rights, and advocate for an active and vigilant consumer culture.

Consumer awareness plays a vital role in empowering consumers and preventing exploitation. By promoting awareness, we aim to protect consumers from harmful goods and ensure customer satisfaction. Our efforts in raising consumer awareness are of great importance, and we believe they will bring about a pivotal change in the
people of Kizhattur Panchayath. We have submitted a comprehensive survey report to the Kizhattur Panchayath, highlighting the importance of consumer awareness in the community.

As part of our activities, we have organized various events and campaigns. For instance, on March 21, 2022, we observed World Consumer Rights Day by conducting a community awareness campaign in the shops near Al Shifa College of Arts and Science. Our club members received an orientation session to educate nearby shopkeepers on consumer awareness.

Through our ongoing initiatives, we aim to create a knowledgeable and responsible generation of consumers who can protect their rights and contribute to the betterment of society. The Consumer Club is committed to its vision and mission, striving to empower students and build a strong foundation for a future in India that prioritizes consumer rights.

Capacity Building/ Skill Enhancement Initiatives

We believe in the holistic development of our students, and to that end, we organize skill sessions every week with a focus on enhancing their soft skills and IT skills. These sessions aim to equip our students with the necessary competencies to thrive in today's dynamic professional landscape.

Department of Commerce understands the significance of soft skills in shaping successful professionals. Through our skill sessions, we cover a wide range of soft skills, including communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. These sessions are designed to empower our students with the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence required to excel in their future careers.

In addition to soft skills, we also recognize the growing importance of IT skills in the modern workplace. Our skill sessions encompass various aspects of IT skills, such as computer literacy, data analysis, digital marketing, and proficiency in productivity tools. We aim to ensure that our students are well-versed in the latest technologies and can effectively leverage them to drive innovation and productivity.

The Commerce Association, in collaboration with the department, organizes a diverse range of programs every week. These programs provide additional opportunities for students to engage in skill-building activities and gain practical knowledge. From industry expert talks and workshops to panel discussions and seminars, we curate a comprehensive

Career Development Programmes

In today's complex and challenging world, employers seek dedicated and competent human resources. Our department is committed to providing career-oriented programs and sessions that align with industry needs, ensuring our students are equipped with the skills required to excel in their chosen fields.

We have established collaborations with reputed colleges and institutions to offer adiverse range of career-oriented programs and courses. These partnerships enable us to provide valuable add-on courses such as IFRS, TALLY, ACCA, and more. Through our association with institutions like Rajagiri College of Social Science, Eranakulam, and DGC Finance School, LEAD College Palakkad, we have achieved significant milestones in our academic endeavors, distinguishing ourselves as a department in a league of its own.

The Centre for Professional Studies, Department of Commerce, organizes various sessions aimed at providing additional skills to our students, enabling them to complement their degree courses with specialized programs. These sessions serve to enhance their career prospects and ensure they stay ahead in the competitive job

To further refine the practical knowledge of our students, we have established various clubs and cells within our department. These include the Share Trading Club, Consumer Club, and Event Management Club. Participation in these clubs allows students to gain hands-on experience and develop practical skills relevant to their chosen career paths.

At ACAS Department of Commerce, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded professionals who are not only academically competent but also equipped with the skills demanded by the industry. Our career development programs provide a comprehensive approach to education, ensuring our students have a competitive edge and are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world.

We invite you to explore the various career development programs and opportunities available through our department. Join us on this transformative journey toward a successful and fulfilling career.

Student Initiatives

the highly anticipated inter-school management fest organized by the ACAS Department of Commerce! ComFiesta is a vibrant and exhilarating event that brings together talented higher secondary students from various schools to showcase their managerial and entrepreneurial prowess.

ComFiesta serves as a dynamic platform for students to unleash their creativity, sharpen their business acumen, and engage in friendly competition. With a perfect blend of academic rigor and fun-filled activities, this fest promises an enriching experience for all participants.During ComFiesta, students get the opportunity to participate in a wide array of competitive events that test their strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. From business plan competitions that challenge participants to devise innovative and sustainable business ideas to case

With each edition, ComFiesta continues to raise the bar, offering an unforgettable experience to all participants. The event serves as a launchpad for young, aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, empowering them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue successful careers in the field of commerce and management. We invite you to join us at ComFiesta, where talent meets opportunity, and aspirations turn into achievements. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and amazed as you witness the brilliance of young minds in action. Stay tuned for updates on registration, event details, and exciting highlights of ComFiesta. Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of learning, networking, and celebration at the most awaited inter-school management fest, ComFiesta!


The Department of Commerce and Publication Wing of ACAS are collaborating on a ground-breaking book titled “Digital Disruption: Business, Industry, and Commerce.” This book will explore the transformative impact of digital technologies on various sectors, providing insights into the opportunities and challenges of this digital revolution.


The number of functional MoUs with institutions of National, International Importance other Universities, Industries, Corporate Houses, etc.

Sl. No

Organisation with which MoU Signed

Year of Signing MoU


List of actual activities under each MoU year wise




Lead College of Management, Palakkad


1 Year

Workshop on Management Fest Planning and Execution


Knowledge Partner International Conference 2021 “Best Practices in
Business Management, Economics, Commerce, and Technology in the New


ComFiesta 22


Out Bound Training Programme


ComFiesta Season 2



Sullami Salam Science College, Areecode


1 Year

Add on Programme ‘IT Applications in Commerce


ComFiesta 22


IT Skill Development Programme



MES Asmabi College, Kodungaloor


1 Year

ComFiesta 22


Add On Programme ‘Logistics Management



Rajagiri College of Social Science (Autonomous)


1 Year

Add on Programme on IFRS


ComFiesta 22



Monti International Institute of Management


1 Year

Inauguration of Capital Cafe


Management Skill Development Programme, CAT/ MAT Coaching


Management Skill Development Programme



Bruce & Collins Management Consultants


2 Year


Farook Institute of Management Studies


2 Year


PSMO College Tirurangadi

Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange, Minor Research Projects



Malappuram Chamber of Commerce

Employability Skills, Students Capacity Building


Students’ Blog


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