Hello from Al Shifa College of Arts & Science!

Welcome to ACAS, one of Kerala’s premier destinations for higher education. A campus climate with high fertility for academic excellence, personal growth, and holistic development, where each student is empowered to reach their full potential, makes ACAS unique. We are proud to provide the best infrastructure tailored to foster conducive environments for higher education. Our management is very particular in quality infrastructure, facilities, and services that makes us really exceptional.

Indeed, ACAS stands as a model in higher education industry. We believe that, the tastiest ingredient of college life of students, should be the research experience and they should enjoy it in the same enthusiasm as they do in sports and arts. Our right mixture of various programs, makes the campus life of every student, the golden period of human life. Teachers are regularly mentored to meet the critical requirement of teaching profession as per the changing demands. We have a galaxy of quality teachers who can illuminate our students’ career paths and destinations. We makes the parent community fully attached with our educational service with well-designed parent support programs.

From the academic year 2024-25 onwards, FYUGP (Four Year Undergraduate Program) is implemented in the State. It is not a mere extension of one more year to the existing three year system, but a structural and methodological departure from the running system to changes in educational structure, content and process. ACAS is ready with perfect planning.

This is why I welcome you to Al Shifa College of Arts & Science, a different league. Join with us and feel the difference.

Dr. Kamaludheen. K. T

LLB, MA, M. Ed, M. Phil, NET, Ph. D, PDF

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