Greetings from Al Shifa!

Al Shifa College of Arts & Science (ACAS) is into the second year of establishment. But I am sure what the College has made possible in an academic year puts to shade what many institutions struggle to achieve in decades. With all the unprecedented restrictions around, the College has delivered 360-degree quality performances. This performance chart of the College in its opening year is a clear indication of our vision and the direction in which we are headed. Al Shifa College of Arts & Science entered the Higher Education Scene of Kerala in 2020 when a new Policy was being debated and new Normals were introduced. Obviously we stepped in with big challenges before us and with bigger responsibilities to perform Being born in the midst of epochal transformations of different kinds is challenging. Globally, the pandemic has forced us to press the refresh button. Not just in education, but all around the paradigms and standards are reworked. The impact of it on Higher Education is most profound. Nationally, the country is transforming itself to align with the New Educational Policy (NEP), a policy which will bring far reaching changes in the way Education is experienced by all the stakeholders.

Al Shifa College of Arts & Science has risen to these challenges with an academic professionalism which is rare. The challenges before Higher Education today are manifold: deliver results, ensure learning outcome, impart skill sets, integrate technology, instill values and make the students career ready. There is increasing scrutiny today through assessments, accreditation and ranking to ensure these. We are proving that we are game for these challenges!

What Al Shifa College has kept ready for our students is a suite of rich academic fare: Flipped learning mode, skill integrated teaching, a clearly structured Career training programme, whole college English language certificate programmes, short term programmes specifically tied to the Degree programmes, healthy support for Arts & Sports activities, Visiting faculty to supplement the regular sessions, undergraduate research cell, Centres under each Dept to inspire and promote specialized interdisciplinary pathways.

With an array of collaborations and MoUs with leading lights in the area of Higher Education, Training and Research, with a truly functional Quality Assurance mechanism in place, ACAS is all set to take you to the next level.

This is why when I welcome you all to Al Shifa College, I am welcoming you to a different league: for the students, parents, faculty and the academic community around.

Happy learning to you!

Dr. Babu. P. K.

(MA, M.Phil, Ph D, CIDTT)

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