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Department of English

Department of English at Al Shifa College of Arts & Sciences is one of the four Under Graduate programmes it is launched with. The Department’s mission is to bring up a generation which is culturally aware, emotionally stable and intellectually competent, with a capacity to be humane and inclusive.

The Department offers Bachelor of Arts with Functional English as Specialization. It also offers add on Certificate and Diploma programmes to further reinforce the students’ learning and to equip them with skills and capability to face the career front. These programmes are open to all students of the College. The Dept also has a writing Centre which aims to help the students, whatever their levels, to improve their writing skills. The Centre organizes writing workshops for the students of the college on different areas like Letter writing, Essay writing, email drafting, creative writing etc.

The quality of the Degree programme we deliver is strengthened by the additional certificate and diploma programmes listed for the interested takers. All these are conceived by taking into account the career prospects emerging in the subject and the skills and accessory qualifications required for the Degree holders to be qualified for the future careers . The following add-on programmes are offered by the Department of English for the interested students under different scheme.

Invited Student Talk Series

Invited Student Talk Series, a World Environment Day Initiative organised by the Department of English and Nature Club, was launched on 9 June ’21. The platform introduces literary works that dwells on works / authors that are ecocentric and attempts to promote pro-envioronment, pro-sustainability perspectives. UG/ PG students from across the country are the speakers in the series. The ISTS series has already covered 24 talks with 24 speakers from 20 different colleges, including NIT Trichy, Brennen College, Dharmadam, Farook College, Providence College for Women, Coonoor. The presenters as well as their mentors appreciate the opportunity as it gives wide exposure to the student community. The 25th talk is scheduled on 27 September ’21 with a special guest speaker.

Department of English Add on Course List 

Semester 1

Presentation Skills

This add -on Certificate course is meant to provide the fundamentals of making an effective presentation to the students including, preparation of the content of presentations, design, use of effective visuals, body language and English language skills for a presentation. Learners will be able to craft their presentations around essential objectives, present concepts and ideas with power and enthusiasm, design and present effective visuals, and employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery.

Communicative English

Essential language skills are necessary to transact during the day-to-day conversation. This course would help students in strengthening their command over daily conversational skills. It is designed to promote language competency of the students by encouraging them to engage in daily conversations and build confidence in using the language effectively. This will enable them to use the expressions in real life situations.

Semester 2

Grammar for Competitive Examination – collaboration with Farook College, Feroke, Calicut

Grammar for Competitive Examination course is aimed at training the students specifically to equip them with grammar skills required for various competitive exams. This course deals with the various sentence structures, parts of speech, tenses, vocabulary, cloze tests and reading comprehension which would help them advance in competitive exams the field like Banking, Insurance and other Government exams.

Essay Writing Skills- Level-I

The principal purpose of this course is to help the students to structure an essay in a logical manner, to familiarize them with proper sequencing of paragraphs, logical arrangement of topics and subtopics and the purpose and formulation of the thesis statement. The course will also focus on the proper use of connectives, identifying the purpose of each statement and effective formation of transition, conclusion, introduction and topic statements of an essay.

Semester 3

Conversational English

As a medium of communication, it’s necessary that a student is able to build a conversation with a starter, message transaction and proper closure. Conversational English is designed to develop advanced conversation skills among the students as it is the key to effective sharing of ideas and thoughts. The course would emphasize on advanced speaking skills so as to make them equipped to meet their professional needs as well.

Accent Training – collaboration with Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur. 

Accurate pronunciation and proper accent are the keys to effective handling of the language. The course is aimed at providing the students accent training by expert hands. They will be taught the importance of accent, accent patterns and fundamentals of accent with the aid of Language Lab. At the end of the course the learner will be able to speak with greater authority and confidence, reduce anxiety related to accent and improve speaking skill.

Semester 4

Social Media Communication

The course is designed to address the increasing needs of communication of students in electronic and social media due to phenomenal increase in the use of digital media. This will cover those areas that will enhance students’ quality and standards in language expression while transacting on social media. Skill to Prepare and send mails shall also be acquired by the students at the end of the course.

Public Speaking – collaboration with JCI Manjeri (Junior Chamber International)

Good public speakers always stand out in crowd and public speaking plays a large role in the professional world. Public speaking skills enhances reputation and boost self-confidence. This course will help the students with training in how to face the audience, fight nerves, pace their speech and deliver the ideas effectively to become a self-assured and compelling speaker.   




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