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Department of English

Department of English at Al Shifa College of Arts & Sciences is one of the four Under Graduate programmes it is launched with. The Department’s mission is to bring up a generation which is culturally aware, emotionally stable and intellectually competent, with a capacity to be humane and inclusive.

The Department offers Bachelor of Arts with Functional English as Specialization. It also offers add on Certificate and Diploma programmes to further reinforce the students’ learning and to equip them with skills and capability to face the career front. These programmes are open to all students of the College. The Dept also has a writing Centre which aims to help the students, whatever their levels, to improve their writing skills. The Centre organizes writing workshops for the students of the college on different areas like Letter writing, Essay writing, email drafting, creative writing etc.

The quality of the Degree programme we deliver is strengthened by the additional certificate and diploma programmes listed for the interested takers. All these are conceived by taking into account the career prospects emerging in the subject and the skills and accessory qualifications required for the Degree holders to be qualified for the future careers . The following add-on programmes are offered by the Department of English for the interested students under different scheme.

Department of English Add on Course List 

Semester 1

Presentation Skills

This add -on Certificate course is meant to provide the fundamentals of making an effective presentation to the students including, preparation of the content of presentations, design, use of effective visuals, body language and English language skills for a presentation. Learners will be able to craft their presentations around essential objectives, present concepts and ideas with power and enthusiasm, design and present effective visuals, and employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery.

Communicative English

Essential language skills are necessary to transact during the day-to-day conversation. This course would help students in strengthening their command over daily conversational skills. It is designed to promote language competency of the students by encouraging them to engage in daily conversations and build confidence in using the language effectively. This will enable them to use the expressions in real life situations.

Semester 2

Grammar for Competitive Examination – collaboration with Farook College, Feroke, Calicut

Grammar for Competitive Examination course is aimed at training the students specifically to equip them with grammar skills required for various competitive exams. This course deals with the various sentence structures, parts of speech, tenses, vocabulary, cloze tests and reading comprehension which would help them advance in competitive exams the field like Banking, Insurance and other Government exams.

Essay Writing Skills- Level-I

The principal purpose of this course is to help the students to structure an essay in a logical manner, to familiarize them with proper sequencing of paragraphs, logical arrangement of topics and subtopics and the purpose and formulation of the thesis statement. The course will also focus on the proper use of connectives, identifying the purpose of each statement and effective formation of transition, conclusion, introduction and topic statements of an essay.

Semester 3

Conversational English

As a medium of communication, it’s necessary that a student is able to build a conversation with a starter, message transaction and proper closure. Conversational English is designed to develop advanced conversation skills among the students as it is the key to effective sharing of ideas and thoughts. The course would emphasize on advanced speaking skills so as to make them equipped to meet their professional needs as well.

Accent Training – collaboration with Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur. 

Accurate pronunciation and proper accent are the keys to effective handling of the language. The course is aimed at providing the students accent training by expert hands. They will be taught the importance of accent, accent patterns and fundamentals of accent with the aid of Language Lab. At the end of the course the learner will be able to speak with greater authority and confidence, reduce anxiety related to accent and improve speaking skill.

Semester 4

Social Media Communication

The course is designed to address the increasing needs of communication of students in electronic and social media due to phenomenal increase in the use of digital media. This will cover those areas that will enhance students’ quality and standards in language expression while transacting on social media. Skill to Prepare and send mails shall also be acquired by the students at the end of the course.

Public Speaking – collaboration with JCI Manjeri (Junior Chamber International)

Good public speakers always stand out in crowd and public speaking plays a large role in the professional world. Public speaking skills enhances reputation and boost self-confidence. This course will help the students with training in how to face the audience, fight nerves, pace their speech and deliver the ideas effectively to become a self-assured and compelling speaker.   



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Add On Programmes/ Value Added Programme

The Department of English provides Add-on and Value-Added Courses to students pursuing B.A. Functional English and B.A. English Language and Literature, respectively, in alternating semesters. These courses are designed to equip students with updated knowledge and enhance their skills in their chosen fsssss. By offering these opportunities, the department aims to ensure that students stay abreast of the latest developments in the English language and literature domain, enabling them to remain competitive and well-prepared for their future careers.

Add- Courses

Presentation Skills

The Add-on course on ‘Presentation Skills’ is offered during the first semester to students pursuing B.A. Functional English and B.A. English Language and Literature. As future professionals in language and communication-related fields, it is crucial for these students to possess effective presentation abilities. This course equips them with the necessary skills to deliver compelling presentations in academic and professional settings. By honing their presentation skills, students can effectively communicate their ideas, research findings, and arguments with clarity and persuasiveness.

Accent Training

The course is offered to students in their third semester of B.A. Functional English. As aspiring language professionals, these students must cultivate strong communication skills and master various accents to effectively engage with diverse audiences. The course focuses on enhancing their pronunciation, intonation, and overall accent to ensure clarity and comprehension in spoken English. By emphasizing accent training, students will improve their ability to communicate clearly and develop confidence in their verbal interactions.

Public Speaking

The Department offers an Add-on course on “Public Speaking” specifically designed for students of B.A. Functional English in their fourth semester. This course equips students with essential skills required for confidently expressing ideas, engaging audiences, and delivering impactful presentations. Through this course, students develop effective speech structuring, persuasive techniques, appropriate body language utilization, and stage fright management. Public speaking skills hold immense significance in various professional settings, such as teaching, journalism, public relations, and leadership roles. Mastering public speaking enhances communication skills, boosts self-confidence, and enables students to become effective storytellers, making a lasting impact in their careers while effectively conveying messages to diverse audiences.

Diploma in Conversational English

The course on “Conversational English” is offered to undergraduate students to enhance their proficiency in spoken English and develop their communication skills. Through this course, students will learn to engage in everyday conversations, express their thoughts, and interact confidently in various social and professional contexts. By focusing on conversational English, students will improve their vocabulary, fluency, and accuracy, enabling them to effectively communicate with native and non-native English speakers. This course is valuable for students preparing for careers that require strong verbal communication, such as customer service, sales, hospitality, and international relations. Additionally, mastering conversational English fosters cultural understanding, promotes inclusivity, and opens doors to diverse opportunities in an increasingly globalized world.

Language Skills for Digital Content Writing

The course offered in the third semester to B. A. English students is highly relevant as it addresses the demands of the contemporary digital landscape. In an era where online content plays a crucial role, this course equips students with the necessary language skills for effective digital content creation. By focusing on web articles, blogs, social media posts, and online advertisements, students will develop the ability to adapt their writing style and tone to suit different digital platforms. They will learn techniques to engage and captivate online audiences, optimize content for search engines, and utilize persuasive language for effective communication. This course prepares B. A. English Language and Literature students for careers in digital marketing, content creation, social media management, and other roles that require strong digital writing skills, ensuring they remain competitive and valuable in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Language for Visual Narratives

Offered to fifth-semester B.A. English Language and Literature students, the course holds immense relevance for their academic and professional growth. In today’s visual-centric world, where images, films, and digital media play a significant role, understanding the language and techniques used in visual storytelling is crucial. The aim of this course is to enhance the student’s ability to create narrations for visual media by enabling them to critically engage with various forms of visual narratives, including films, documentaries, graphic novels, and advertisements. By studying the language and techniques employed in visual narratives, the students gain valuable skills that prepare them for careers in media, film studies, digital content creation, and other fields requiring the analysis and creation of compelling visual narratives.

Value-Added Courses

Essential Writing Skills

Essential Writing Skills is a Value-Added Course offered in the second semester to students pursuing B.A. Functional English and B.A. English Language and Literature. This course aims to enhance student’s writing proficiency and equip them with essential skills for effective written communication. Through this course, students learn techniques for organizing their thoughts, structuring their writing, and developing coherent and cohesive essays. They also develop skills in critical analysis, argumentation, and research, enabling them to produce well-structured and well-supported written work. The course focuses on various types of writing, including academic essays, reports, and creative pieces, providing students with a solid foundation for their future academic and professional endeavors.

Grammar for Competitive Examination

This course is designed to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of grammar rules and concepts necessary for competitive examinations. Through this course, students develop their grammatical accuracy, sentence formation skills, and the ability to identify and correct common errors. The course also focuses on enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities related to grammar usage. By mastering grammar for competitive examinations, students gain a competitive edge and improve their chances of success in various competitive exams, job interviews, and other language proficiency assessments. The course is offered in the fourth semester to students pursuing B.A. Functional English and B.A. English Language and Literature.

Outreach/ Extension

The Centre for Development of English Language Skills (CDELS), under the Department of English, actively extends its expertise in the English language to the neighboring community. In collaboration with the Perinthalmanna Municipality, CDELS organized a workshop titled ‘Pronunciation Matters!’ in January 2022, specifically designed for Anganwadi workers. The workshop focused on the basics of English pronunciation. Due to the positive response and demand from the participants, a follow-up session was held in July 2022, with plans for more sessions in the future. Additionally, CDELS partnered with Lingua Hub (Language Club) at Peace Public School, Vengara, to jointly organize an online training session called ‘Improve Your Speaking Skills’.

Another noteworthy extension activity led by the Department involved the donation of children’s books to the Poonthavanam Anganawadi, Centre No: 119. In celebration of International Children’s Day, fifty-four books were collected from the students and faculty members at Al Shifa College and presented to the Anganawadi. This collaborative effort was made possible through the coordination of the English and Thanimalayalam Clubs. Furthermore, the Centre organized a session titled “Speak Out” for the DPharm students at Al Shifa College of Pharmacy.

Capacity Building/ Skill Enhancement Initiatives

The Department of English has undertaken several initiatives to enhance the skills of students, preparing them for further academic pursuits and future employment. To cultivate their abilities, the department has introduced the Weekly Skill Hour, a dedicated time slot focusing on fundamental language skills, interpersonal skills, and competitive exam preparation. Additionally, students actively participate in organizing departmental events, which contributes to the development of their organizational skills. Association Hours, held every Wednesday, provide students with essential career readiness elements and encompass various activities for personality development. The activities conducted by the Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Club aim to foster students’ entrepreneurial capabilities, equipping them with the necessary skills to run their own businesses with limited capital.

The Visiting Professor Programme is a distinctive event organized by the Department of English, aimed at providing students with the opportunity to engage with renowned scholars and experts in the field. This initiative plays a vital role in broadening the students’ horizons and fostering a deeper understanding of their academic discipline. By inviting esteemed professors as visiting faculty, students are exposed to diverse perspectives, cutting-edge research, and valuable insights from experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The English Club plays a significant role in organizing a diverse range of programs, including Talk Shop, Debates, Quizzes, Vocabulary Tests, and Peer Teaching Contests. These events contribute to the holistic development of the club members, nurturing various skills. Noteworthy examples include the session titled “Speak Out: Overcoming the Fear of Speech,” where Ms. Prasadita L Raveendran, Guest Faculty from Mangalore University, interacted with the students. The students are encouraged to engage in play and poem enactments, such as the enactment of Harold Pinter’s “The Room” in connection with World Theatre Day, dramatizing Bob Dylan’s poem “John Brown,” and bringing W. H. Auden’s poem “Refugee Blues” to life. Additionally, book review presentations are conducted at the department level. The department also conducted the program “UG Project – A Route Map” for students during the mid-semester as an initial step towards their UG Project work. Additionally, newly enrolled students receive annual sessions on various career scopes, helping them develop their career goals. These efforts aim to enhance the students’ capacity building. Furthermore, students were provided with the opportunity to attend mock interview sessions organized by the Career Training and Placement Cell, enhancing their performance in future job interviews.

Career Development Programmes

The Department of English actively organizes career orientation sessions and skill enhancement programs to provide students with insights into various career opportunities. In collaboration with the Career Training and Placement Cell (CTPC) at ACAS, the department conducted a webinar titled “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Career Scopes in English Language and Literature and Functional English.” Another program, titled “Which Offers More Careers? English or Functional English,” focused on exploring career pathways for students majoring in English. The session, organized in partnership with the CTPC, highlighted diverse career options such as advertising copywriters, publishing specialists, literary scouts, literary agents, production editors, proofreaders, content/technical writers, marketing professionals, advertising account executives, public relations officers, broadcasting presenters, and more. Additionally, the Entrepreneur Development Club collaborates with the department to provide students with foundational lessons on running small businesses through the setup of stalls. Furthermore, students were prepared to attend a job fair organized by the Career Training and Placement Cell, ensuring they are equipped for future employment opportunities.

Student Initiatives

The Department of English places students at the core of its academic and co-curricular activities, providing them with hands-on experience and opportunities. In collaboration with the Nature Club at ACAS, the department initiated an Invited Student Talk Series as part of the World Environmental Day observance on June 5, 2021. This series featured 43 talks delivered by students from renowned institutions across India, focusing on the representation of environmental issues in books, movies, and songs. These presentations enriched the students’ understanding of these topics with reliable information.

In the academic year 2021-’22, the department launched the National Student Seminar, an event entirely driven by students. The seminar provided a platform for students to not only learn but also showcase their capabilities in organizing such an event. From conceptualization to execution, students took on various roles, contributing to their learning and growth in both academic and administrative spheres.

The Department of English organizes field visits and media visits, providing students with hands-on learning experiences. One such visit took students to Chitranjali Studio in Thiruvananthapuram, offering them the opportunity to learn through practical engagement. These visits enable students to apply their knowledge in a real-world context and gain valuable insights into the field of media production.

Furthermore, the department encourages students to enhance their research and writing skills. Students have demonstrated their research aptitude by presenting papers in seminars organized by colleges within and outside Kerala. Promising students are also given the opportunity to showcase their presentation and teaching skills through Peer Teaching programs, covering topics ranging from the curriculum to everyday conversation skills.


The Department of English in collaboration with the Publication Wing at ACAS brought out an anthology titled “The Republic of Hope”, a compilation of poems by school and college students on the theme ‘post-covid world’. Yet another publication venture we have completed is an ISBN book of the conference proceedings of the National Student Seminar on English Fiction since 2000, conducted by the college. The department will bring out a book with ISBN on ‘Marginality and Resistance in Contemporary Writing’ in the academic year 2022-’23.


Number of Functional MoUs with institutions of National, International, Universities, industries, corporate houses

Sl. No

Institutions with which MoU is signed is Year of Signing MoU

Year of Signing MoU


Activities held (Year wise)


Vimala College (Autonomous) Trissur


2 years

  • Add on Course on Accent Training (2021- ’22 & 2022’ ‘23)
  • Invited Student Talk Series (2021- ’22 & 2022’ ‘23)
  • National Student Seminar on English Fiction since 2000 (2021)


Farook College (Autonomous) Calicut


3 Years

  • Add on Course on Grammar for Competitive Examination (2021- ’22)
  • National Student Seminar on English Fiction since 2000 (2021)


Al Shifa College of Pharmacy


2 Years

‘Speak out’- Training session to PharmD students


MES KeVeeYam College, Valanchery


2 Years

  • Invited Student Talk Series
  • Faculty Exchange Programme


Providence Women’s College, Coonoor, Oottyy


  • Faculty Exchange, Student Exchange Skill Enhancement

Students’ Blog


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