Interdisciplinary Annual Journal

“If I was building any new kind of life to live, it really didn’t seem that way. It’s not as if I had turned in any old one to live it. If anything, I wanted to understand things and then be free of them. I needed to learn how to telescope things, ideas. Things were too big to see all at once, like all the books in the library – everything laying around on all the tables. You might be able to put it all into one paragraph or into one verse of a song if you could get it right.”

Bob Dylan
Chronicles, Vol. 1

Knowledge and information determine the quality of life in the post-truth sociocultural milieu. The technological advancement in the previous centuries engendered discourses on postmodernist streams of thought as well as techno-cultural postulations. As the millennials contrive to root themselves in the transposing time warps, the ambience is suitable for them to fashion fresh standards in discourses. Afterwords would not only render a space for the free flow of the undercurrents of such critiques, but would attempt to stimulate dialogues transpiring in the ethos of the contemporary world.

Afterwords is an interdisciplinary annual e-journal launched by Al Shifa College of Arts and Science, for processing and publishing research works of the student community. Rigorously assessed and reviewed by a board of academics, it serves the purpose of nurturing research and analytical skills in scholars. It is a pan Indian e-journal which would engage scholars in the transactions of information from multiple disciplines.

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