Industry ready graduates and postgraduates are the need of the world and Al Shifa works towards this end by assisting our undergraduates and postgraduates to take up internships related to their programme and career options available. The Internship Cell of the college works in tandem with the Career & Placement Training Cell to make this effective. Al Shifa Group also uses its industry links to offer better internship opportunities to the students.


The Al Shifa learning experience is leveraged in a number of ways. Since we aspire to be among the best, we try to bond with the best. The national and International collaborations we enter into are meant to be both exercises in building up productive academic relationships but also in leaving lasting lessons about the need for cooperation and modeling oneself on others. When with institutions and Industry of repute Al Shifa collaborates and the student community will be the ultimate winner, taking away lessons and models for life.

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